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Mary is making her long-awaited return to the cabaret stage with a new show, WANDERLUST, which will debut at LA's venerable Gardenia Supper Club on March 30. Audiences are invited to join Mary and musical director, Bob Remstein, on whirlwind musical tour around the world in 80 minutes (give or take).  

the alternately madcap and poignant journey, audiences will hear plenty of beloved tunes from the Great American songbook. They'll also sail into uncharted waters with forgotten gems by composers including Cole Porter and Noel Coward.

WANDERLUST looks beyond being a post-pandemic "revenge travel" wish list in musical form. It also marks Mary's return to live performance following two surgeries that both carried the risk of vocal cord damage. Dreams of travel and dreams of singing became intertwined as the goals that motivated Mary during the long road to recovery. WANDERLUST is a celebration of being able to do both again. Mary invites everyone to join her on the journey.

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